These Digital Products Might Change Your Life

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This website teaches user that ‘How To Type” effectively and properly. Through its training, you can double your productivity and speed work-flow up. This is the must-try.

The mini game is well-designed and really fun to play. I loved it.

Quest App

This app is not just a To-do list. It’s a To-do list that is gamified.

After installing this app, the boring routines have changed into the adventure I played in the childhood.

Sound design is made to satisfy and celebrate user’s achievements. You can also customize the hero’s costume through them. That’s the fun part.


There’re so many cheatsheets in the internet, but why don’t you memorize all of shortcuts instead of cheating?

This software teaches users essential shortcuts one by one. The support includes Sketch, Figma, Google Chrome and many more. Your 15 bucks investment is guaranteed that’s worth it. You can even get a refund if you don’t like it. Check it out now!



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